"Nexus Care enables our care home staff to quickly and effectively respond to our residents needs"

Care Home Operations Director,

What is Nexus Care?

The Nexus Care Solution is a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and messaging for carers. Developed by technology experts with a proven track record in the care industry, Nexus takes legacy nurse call messaging and delivers to smart devices, removing the need for pagers and loud alarms.

Integration of nurse call systems with smart phone is one of the most prevalent initiatives for care homes because it improves staff productivity, reduces response times to patient requests, and helps increase overall patient satisfaction.

Nexus integrates with smart phones and the existing WIFI or GSM network to provide immediate notification to nursing staff of nurse call events.

By automating notification to wireless devices, nursing staff receive notification that a patient is in need in less than a few second, increasing both patient satisfaction and staff efficiency at the same time.


What are the benefits?

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Single ubiquitous device
  • Greater accountability
  • Increased levels of care
  • Improved care environment
  • Familiar usage

The Nexus Care platform integrates with every major nurse call system, allowing care organisations to access improved functionality without having to invest in the latest nurse call systems.

By integrating through Nexus Care, homes can:

  1. Deliver nurse call alerts to smartphones, combining existing devices used for voice, care planning or EMIS functions into a single device. Nexus replaces historic paging solutions and maximises the investment in smart technologies
  2. Futureproof investment in nurse call systems
  3. Monitor which staff member accepted the alert (time and date stamped)
  4. Provide carers with instant messaging between users, allowing staff to request assistance or simply inform members of a simple requirement
  5. Report on residents, staff, zones and entire homes for any given time period