“Nurse call alerts are delivered directly to smartphones and we know instantly who has responded”


How does it work?

Nexus Care takes alerts from any nurse call system currently delivered to panels or pager and delivers the messages over WIFI to Smart Devices.

Ability to accept nurse call alerts and notify other staff members that the alert has been accepted. The Nexus Care allows calls to be accepted from a Smart Device benefits include:

  • Alerts silenced and accepted quicker
  • Visible indication of who is dealing with an alert or call
  • The Nexus Care system follows the nurse call systems escalation path. Calls not cleared within a predefined threshold will continue to alert even if they have been accepted.

Nexus Care allows care homes to silence loud and troublesome panels and deliver messaging directly to the staff members smart device that they are already using for other tasks, such as;

  • Mobile Care Monitoring
  • Voice Communications
  • EMIS

The Nexus Care system does not clear calls from the nurse call system. Calls and alerts are still cleared at the bed head.